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Poster: deadhead53 Date: Dec 22, 2010 1:15pm
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: Senator calls university's digital Grateful Dead archive wasteful

You know all these assholes in Congress, both dems and repubs are the biggest bunch of hypocritical assholes around. There is no difference between either party (spare me the partisan rhetoric please,) they waste money like it is going out of style and put the country in trillions of dollars of debt and don't blink an eye, did they care about earmarks on the first stimulus or now the recent one? But now Tom Coburn is going to fix the problem by getting rid of the dead archive in cali, what an asshole. Let's just have no earmarks, government reform and don't waste taxmoney on any of this stuff unless it is for the Library so people can read and then maybe the country will wake up and vote in some responsible officials who actually care about the people and want government reform. Sorry about the tone, it is not meant for anyone on the site, I am just so sick of how much money this country wastes and it come from both sides of the aisle!

I posted this the other day in regards to a similar post and it applies here, this is just a small, small earmark of probably thousands that go unnoticed and that is the problem! It is time for us to vote in people who care about the country no matter what the party affiliation and are going to take hard look at what we spend and deep cuts are going to be necessary in everything if we really want to get out of this financial mess. The two wars need to be dealt with but only when the last soldier is home. For now, we need to look at our own waste. Government should not be funding artists or musicians who struggle, this may not be popular here but it is the truth, if they are good enough they will succeed and make money, if not they will move on to other areas. We should take that approach to all our services, get rid of the waste! We have to do it with our own household budgets, government should have to do it with theirs and this goes for ALL gov programs, including the pentagon, arts, welfare - all of it and let's get politicians who give a fuck about us, not their own self-serving interests or lobbyists and it does not matter if they are dem or repub because both parties are guilty of this bullshit!

On another note I would like to wish everyone here a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, I hope you all get some quality time with your loved ones!